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[music] the GazettE Commandeers Shibuya!?

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[music] the GazettE Commandeers Shibuya!?

GazettE, the

A short while ago the GazettE released its new album.
Now there's word that they will take over Shibuya!

Right in front of Shibuya station there are three large public screens.
Currently those screens are showing the music video ‘THE INVISIBLE WALL', one of the songs included in the newest album!
The video is shown at random times, and when it does it takes over all three screens!
The music video can be viewed more during the later hours so it might be a good idea to visit Shibuya after it gets dark!

Readers who are thinking “I can't go all the way to Shibuya!”, don't worry!
The music video can also be viewed at the Gazette Official MySpace website! Make sure to check it out!