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[blog] Plastic Tree Sets Off on Concert Tour!

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[blog] Plastic Tree Sets Off on Concert Tour!

Plastic Tree

The Plastic Tree official blog is called ‘猫印。による人間観察日記' [lit. Diary of Human Examination by Nekojirushi] The blog is written by the fictional character ‘Nekojirushi (猫印。)'.
In the blog Nekojirushi had been writing about the band's preparations for the tour and also had been showcasing the various merchandise that would be sold. From the 17th Plastic Tree started their tour!
For the details of the ‘梟一座★夏行脚 / Fukuro Ichiza ★ Natsu angya' tour see here (Plastic Tree artist database).
A short message was posted on the blog!

“We are going to start our tour from tomorrow.
There are some souvenirs I haven't showed you yet,
but sorry I need to go to sleep.
Neko[jirushi] will be going to the tour too.
I hope I get to see you.”

Let's hope he sleeps well enough so that he will be ready to power up the band members during the tour.
Fans all over Japan are looking forward to seeing the band's energetic performance!
But before you go, do some research on their previous concert!
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Nekojirushi will probably write comments about the tour, show more merchandise, and also talk about incidents that happen at each stop! musicJAPANplus will also keep you posted on the latest developments so stay tuned!