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[game] YOSHIKI Shows Off Special Moves with Drums!

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[game] YOSHIKI Shows Off Special Moves with Drums!


X JAPAN members will become game characters in the online game 'キャラクター大作戦 / CHARACTER WARS'!
X JAPAN leader YOSHIKI's character will appear first!
His character is scheduled to become available from July 18th 18:00, and TOSHI and HIDE's characters will also be released in August.

The game world is based on 'Record of Three Kingdoms' [三国志; a historical text of ancient China chronicling the rivalries of the three kingdoms of Cao Wei, Shu Han, and Eastern Wu during A.D.189-280]. It is an action game in which players team up with friends and attack the opponents' territories.
For the design of YOSHIKI's character the game developers discussed with YOSHIKI such things as the physique and clothes worn by him.
The game developer commented "We were requested that the character wear a white shirt. For the character's physique we wanted to realistically portray YOSHIKI-san's abs, so we beefed him up. Afterwards YOSHIKI-san complained to us 'My abs aren't THAT great.'" His asking for a white shirt seems quintessentially YOSHIKI.

Also, YOSHIKI's character has his own set of special moves!
Currently they include 'Drum Cymbal Attack', 'Drum 2 Bass Attack' and more.
For the full particulars wait for its release!

The developers are planning on incorporating additional suggestions from YOSHIKI about his character, like having it wear a wedding dress, and arming it with a katana blade.

Users can play the game free of charge. But to use YOSHIKI's character players will have to pay 2000 yen.
Don't pass up this opportunity to conquer the (game) world with YOSHIKI's character!

'キャラクター大作戦 / CHARACTER WARS' Official Site