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[NetTV] 7/19 See the GazettE in Harajuku!

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[NetTV] 7/19 See the GazettE in Harajuku!

GazettE, the

Only on July 19th!They will hold a special television performance to commemorate the release of their long awaited new album "DIM"!

The attendance of all five members of the GazettE, who have proven their strength in the past, will no doubt cause a panic at the Harajuku Ame-Star Studios!

the GazettE's new album "DIM" was released just a short time ago, and a special preview version of the music video for "THE INVISIBLE WALL" is viewable on their official MySpace!

Their appearance at a satellite studio is quite rare!! Will they will show off their unique personalities as they discuss "DIM"?

You can also watch via the web! Don't miss this rare opportunity, you won't find another one like it!

One time only! Everyone, use the 'net to send your feelings to the GazettE!

Click here to visit Ameba Broadcasting on July 19th!

Check here for the latest photos of the band members' outfits for the album ‘DIM'!

There might even be a chance of seeing them wearing these outfits in the special program!

More past live reports and interviews are posted right here!