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[music] Large Scale Visual Rock Campaign Begins!

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[music] Large Scale Visual Rock Campaign Begins!

DEATHGAZE / BOUNTY / irokui。 / vistlip / SuG / boogieman / DaizyStripper / ViViD / Vidoll / aicle / Megamasso / Sadie / GazettE, the / A9 / SCREW / Kagrra, / Kra / D / NIGHTMARE / cali≠gari / LM.C / jealkb / Ayabie / AN CAFE / heidi. / Wizard / Kei / C4 / D=OUT

Major music store chain TOWER RECORDS announced it will begin a special visual-kei sales campaign!
The campaign will be held from July 14th to August 31st at all TOWER RECORD stores nationwide and also on TOWER ONLINE!

During the abovementioned period, purchase items of the artists who are part of the campaign for a chance to win gorgeous prizes!

The gorgeous prizes are:

① A right to participate in a lottery competition for official artist merchandise with artist autographs
② [On a first-come-first-served basis] Official artist pin-up posters

The merchandise complete with autographs will include everything from uchiwas [round handheld fans], vinyl bags and mirrors that will be just right for the summer, to T-shirts and towels that are essential when going to live concerts! Each artist has a different lineup of merchandise, so check them all out☆

Also, after the campaign begins freesheets on visual-kei will be handed out at all TOWER RECORD stores! Enjoy the summer to the fullest with visual-kei!

Where can you check all the artists all at once? Only on musicJAPANplus!

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