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MUCC to tour with SuG, LM.C and vistlip

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MUCC to tour with SuG, LM.C and vistlip

tour / vistlip / LM.C / SuG / MUCC

Starting from June, MUCC will be touring Japan with SuG, LM.C and vistlip, each one at a time!

They will have 3 lives with SuG, 3 lives with LM.C and 3 lives with vistlip. The tour is part of a bigger project by MUCC, in which they are having a different tour every month with a total of 6 tours, 9 lives per each tour.

All of the bands are very different from each other, so this tour is sure to be interesting!

MUCC SIX NINE WARS-ぼくらの七ヶ月間戦争 / bokura no kyuukagetsukan sensou-
Episode 4.「TRIANGLE」

with SuG
2014/06/04 (Wed) Sapporo cube garden
2014/06/06 (Fri) Sendai Rensa
2014/06/12 (Thu) Shinkiba STUDIO COAST

with LM.C
2014/06/13 (Fri) Niigata LOTS
2014/06/18 (Wed) Nagoya Diamond Hall
2014/06/20 (Fri) Kouchi X-pt.

with vistlip
2014/06/26 (Thu) Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO
2014/06/28 (Sat) Fukuoka Skala Espacio
2014/06/29 (Sun) Osaka IMP Hall

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