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V-ANIME collaboration -homme- digest move released

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V-ANIME collaboration -homme- digest move released

Kaya / NoGoD / WING WORKS / THE KIDDIE / DIAURA / PENICILLIN / MEJIBRAY / DaizyStripper / Royz / THE BEETHOVEN / cali≠gari / Megamasso / NIGHTMARE

A digest movie for the album "V-ANIME collaboration -homme-" to be released on 2014/03/26 has been released!

Check out the video, and maybe you can hear a whole new side of the artists participating!

V-ANIME collaboration -homme-
Release Date: 2014/03/26

※Track order undecided

01. Endou Masaaki [SPECIAL GUEST]× Sakito (NIGHTMARE)
"Yuushaou tanjou!"(The King of Braves GaoGaiGar)

02. Kaya× Ryohei (Megamasso)  
"Taiou ga mata kagayaku toki" (Yu☆Yu☆Hakusho)

03. Sakurai Ao (cali≠gari) ×Naoki (THE BEETHOVEN)
「STAND UP TO THE VICTORY 〜トゥ・ザ・ヴィクトリー〜」(機動戦士Vガンダム)
"STAND UP TO THE VICTORY ~To the victory~" (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam)

04. Subaru (Royz)×Kazami (DaizyStripper)
"Sorairo days" (Gurren Lagann)

05. Tanimoto Takayoshi [SPECIAL GUEST]×Naoki (THE BEETHOVEN)
「FLYING IN THE SKY」(機動武闘伝Gガンダム)
"FLYING IN THE SKY" (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)

06. Danchou (NoGoD)×MiA(MEJIBRAY)
"Genesis of Aquarion" (Genesis of Aquarion)

07. HAKUEI (PENICILLIN) ×Kazami (DaizyStripper)
"Pegasus Fantasy" (Saint Seiya)

08. Yuugiri (DaizyStripper)×MiA(MEJIBRAY)
"Lupin The Third Theme" (Lupin The Third)

09. yo-ka(DIAURA)×Ryohei (Megamasso)
"Shangli-La" (Fafner in the Azure)

10. Yusa (THE KIDDIE)× Kazami (DaizyStripper)
"-I'll-" (Super Radical Gag Family)

11. RYO:SUKE(WING WORKS)×Ryohei (Megamasso)
"Kokoro yo genshi ni modore" (Evangelion: Death and Rebirth)