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girugamesh, concert in Ukraine cancelled

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girugamesh, concert in Ukraine cancelled


Unfortunately we have to inform you that the girugamesh concert to be held at Bingo Club, Kiev, Ukraine on 2014/05/23 has been cancelled due to the political situation in Kiev.

On the Official Site of girugamesh, they apologize for all fans for any inconveniences caused, and express the band's wish to visit Kiev in the future whenever they get a new opportunity.

Below are the dates for the concerts that are going to be held.

girugamesh 2014 Europe tour "MONSTER"

2014/05/24 (Sat) -Moscow Hall (Moscow, Russia)
2014/05/25 (Sun) - Zal Ozhidaniya (St Petersburg, Russia)
2014/05/27 (Tue) - Szene (Vienna, Austria)
2014/05/28 (Wed) - Club 202 (Budapest, Hungary)
2014/05/30 (Fri) - Backstage (Munich, Germany)
2014/05/31 (Sat) - Colos-Saal (Aschaffenburg, Germany)
2014/06/01 (Sun) - Divan du Monde (Paris, France)
2014/06/03 (Tue) - Ninkasi Kao (Lyon, France)
2014/06/05 (Thu) - Proxima (Warsaw, Poland)
2014/06/06 (Fri) - Zeche Carl (Essen, Germany)
2014/06/07 (Sat) - LIDO (Berlin, Germany)
2014/06/09 (Mon) - O2 Academy Inslington (London, UK)
2014/06/11 (Wed) - Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland)

girugamesh Official Site