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彩冷える-ayabie to release best album

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彩冷える-ayabie to release best album

album / release / Ayabie

September 2010 was very hard for all fans of 彩冷える-ayabie, as all members of the band - except vocalist aoi - left the band to form a new band called "AYABIE". After this ayabie went on infinite hiatus.

Though now the band revealed, that a new best album is to come in May.
It is scheduled to be released on May 7th and the album will be titled "-ayabie-". There will be two different types including 18 songs in total.

The limited Edition comes with CD and DVD and costs 3.700 Yen. The regular Edition comes with CD only and will cost 3.100 Yen.

Best Album "-ayabie-"
Release Date: May 7th

Limited Edition (CD&DVD)
Price:3.700 Yen

Regular Edition (CD only)
Price:3.100 Yen

-ayabie- best album official site