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Two members of girugamesh are brothers?!

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Two members of girugamesh are brothers?!


Maybe you have already heard the rumor, that two members of girugamesh - to be specific, guitarist Nii and drummer Ryo - are brothers!

This rumor had been spread once some years ago but this time it seems like both of them revealed it themselves!

They just started a new "combined" twitter account and the name raised questions already: brother_grgm - pretty obvious right?
Indeed the first tweet said the following: We've started a twitter account as brothers! Please treat us well! Big brother&Ryo.
Shortly after they also seem to have explained: "We are actually brothers related by blood. We kept it a secret for the past 10 years."

This indeed is a surprise - at least for us!How about you? Did you think they were brothers?! Do you find they look similar?

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