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[blog] KAMIJO Looks Back at His 10 Year Career!

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[blog] KAMIJO Looks Back at His 10 Year Career!


This year Versailles member KAMIJO will celebrate his 10th anniversary after making his major debut. He talked about his thoughts on his career and also had an important good news to announce.

“Sorry I haven't written lately.

KAMIJO here! Thanks to your support, Versailles will make its major debut with the single ‘ASCENDEAD MASTER' on June 24th.

It has been 10 years since I had made a major debut in 1999 as a member of [the band] LAREINE. There were good times and bad times, but now I'm here to celebrate my second major debut.

I never thought I'd be able to experience such happy days (I'm on the verge of tears).

Thank you so much.
I also have another announcement. To celebrate my 10th anniversary and second major debut I opened an official mobile website.

People will get to see not just me as a member of Versailles, but also me as a producer. I'm planning on talking about my earlier career and my everyday life too. I'll try to cover everything about KAMIJO. Oh, and in time I want to introduce the various bands that participated in ‘革命のアンソロジー / Kakumei no Anthology*'. The minute I'm done I'll show the introductions in my website's free content section, so stay tuned!”

Unfortunately the website is operated by a Japanese mobile phone operator. We will provide details about the website as soon as with have more information!
For the latest on KAMIJO in his 10th year check the live report here! (There are also photos of the other members☆)
*Lit. ‘Revolutionary Anthology'. It was a series of events held by Versailles in May and June featuring many indie ‘visual-kei' rock bands.