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[artist] YOSHIKI Stunned by Death of Michael Jackson

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[artist] YOSHIKI Stunned by Death of Michael Jackson


On the day of Michael Jackson's death, YOSHIKI had been working at home in Los Angeles recording new material for X JAPAN and VIOLET UK. He was shocked to hear the sudden death of the King of Pop, who he had greatly admired, and for a while couldn't continue his work.

He released a press statement in English.

[In English] “Michael Jackson was not only a great artist, but he was also a true entertainer. He had, and still has enormous respect from all artists all over the world. That includes myself. It is a very sad time for us. My heart goes out to all the family member, and all of his fans.”
After moving his base of operations to Los Angeles in 1993, YOSHIKI had on occasions worked with the same music programmers and engineers who had also collaborated with Michael. Michael often even recorded at a studio in Los Angeles owned by YOSHIKI.

In May 2006, Minamiaoyama, Tokyo, the two met in person at a party celebrating Michael's visit to Japan. When YOSHIKI was about to go home, Michael stopped him and asked “Could you recommend for me a good keyboard?” Michael also seemed interested in the special casts YOSHIKI had been using for his tenosynovitis, so afterwards YOSHIKI sent a pair for both hands to Michael. YOSHIKI is said to be deeply saddened by the death of the world class artist that he has respected from when he was young.
Also, according to sources close to YOSHIKI, YOSHIKI's house is located along the same street of the residence of Michael's parents. Immediately after the news of Michael's death, various media from all over the world have flocked to the neighborhood, with some of them flying in helicopters from overhead, creating quite a commotion. YOSHIKI has not been getting much sleep from both his grief and from the extreme pandemonium near his house.

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