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[Johnny's] Matsumoto Talks about New Single!/松本谈新单曲

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[Johnny's] Matsumoto Talks about New Single!/松本谈新单曲


On July 1st (Today!) Arashi will release their new single ‘Everything.'

Arashi has lately been releasing singles at a breakneck pace. Arashi member Matsumoto Jun made some comments about the new song.

“I feel it's a song that's just perfect for the summer. The song is about the important things you recognize in normal, everyday life. I think it will make people feel more positive. It also shows a new, different side of Arashi. Please! Be sure to check it out!! That's all for now, and this was Matsumoto Jun.”

Enjoy the upcoming summer with a new exhilarating song from Arashi!

[Johnny's] 松本谈新单曲





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