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Jupiter to release new single

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Jupiter to release new single

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Jupiter already announced at their Final of their last tour, that they would release a new single soon - but we didn't know any details! Now we know and of course we want to share it with you!
Jupiter will release their new maxi single on March 12th and it will be titled "LAST MOMENT"!

There will be different versions as always, so you better check it out! Both seem to come with four songs so- so it's surely worth it!
The limited Edition Type A comes with a DVD as well and if you decide to get it you will be able to watch footage of their AKASAKA BLITZ concert in September 2013!
As for Type B, you will also get live footage from the very same concert, but other songs - so you better check it out and decide on which one you want to get - or why not getting both?