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[Press Notes] Betrayer on a sofa and surprise SuG

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[Press Notes] Betrayer on a sofa and surprise SuG

Press Notes / Takeru / SuG

Hello everyone!

It's starting to get cold in Tokyo and musicJAPANplus editing department is busy with all kinds of preparations. I guess everyone is also busy with, hm, maybe Christmas preparations? In Japan, the normal way to spend Christmas is to go on a date with your loved one and enjoy all the beautiful illuminations and feel all the love in the air. Such a depressing holiday for single people!

Anyways, few weeks ago I took a break from my work and headed out to Akasaka BLITZ. There were many fans standing in the cold outside the venue, and in front of the ice rink next to the venue there were some important looking people shooting something for a TV show. (Yes, there is an place for ice skating right next to the live house!)

I could hear the beats while I was climbing the stairs up to the second floor, and I opened the door to the hall just in time for the first song of the opening act Uwakimono! On the big stage of BLITZ, there was only a DJ booth, DJ, two dancers, Takeru and -- a sofa?! They only played 3 songs, but taking full advantage of the space - and the sofa - they totally took over the whole place.

There were many fun bands playing and I enjoyed the show. However, since I had work waiting I started to prepare for leaving - but then something happened! Something that I don't believe anyone expected. Suddenly SuG, who weren't supposed to be there, appeared on the stage with all 5 members! They played a few songs and then left the stage.

I hope this press note helped to cheer up someone's Christmas! We also went to see Uwakimono's one man live in Tokyo, so stay tuned for a detailed live report! Also make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Takeru and his stage-DJ Kerwin!

Text: Jenni