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Song Review: Jupiter - Blessing of the Future

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Song Review: Jupiter - Blessing of the Future

review / Jupiter

Jupiter - Blessing of the Future

This time we would like to talk about Jupiters' new song Blessing oft he Future!
The song starts off with rather hard and demanding guitar riffs and fast drums and in the clip you can see the members give their best from the very first second - all dressed in knight - or in HIZAKIs case- Princess like dresses.
ZINs beautiful voice drags the audience into another world in only a few seconds when he starts to sing "I believe...".
His clear and thus deep voice doesn't allow the audience to wake up from this story the whole song. The fast and thus somehow soft guitar sounds, supported by fast drums, drag you even deeper when the clear voice fades for some seconds and only the fast riffs are back to listen to.

The song reminds on the members other bands VERSAILLES but still shows uniqueness through ZINs beautiful and strong voice.
The main melody of the song goes straight into your head and doesn't let you go until the end.

In their video clip the audience has to imagine what their live performances will look like, so you should make sure to watch this clip and visit them in their very own world!

Written: YaYa

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