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CD Review: Uwakimono - I kyou U

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CD Review: Uwakimono - I kyou U

review / Takeru / Uwakimono / SuG

One of the most awaited releases of this month is finally out of the oven, and we are here to introduce you the contents of this creation that has been gathering attention both in Japan and overseas. I know who you are thinking and you are right - we will introduce you the first album of SuG's Takeru's solo project Uwakimono!

The album starts off with "I kyou U", a song that is also the title song of the album. The song has got influences from hiphop and electro music, spiced up with rap and tied together with Japanese elements, such as traditional Japanese instrument shamisen. It is a very catchy song with a cool feeling, bringing out a new side of Takeru, showing his growth during these 9 months of break perfectly.

The second song on the album is a cover of "Boukyaku no sora" by SADS. However, the song has been remixed to a complete different look. Speed up faster and tuned higher than the original, the song is completely dyed to the colors of Takeru, who brings the old classic to a complete new level. Even people who don't know the original are sure to enjoy this.

"undermine" is rock mixed up with elements of club music, hard and cool but with a sad vibe. The words that would probably describe this song the best, in many meanings, is "hard love song". The overall feeling of the song is hard, but still somewhat sad. The story of the song is related to hard love in many ways also. In the end of the song Takeru sings gently in a very low voice, and that if anything is a must to listen to.

Continuing with the theme of love, "Ai no myori". The song is about a girl and a boy who are forced to meet again and again by the destiny, and they don't sure sound happy about it. The appeal point of the song is the contrast of Takeru's voice and the female vocals, and the changes of the voices are sure to get you hooked on this one.

"96" is a very silent, beautiful and heart-wrenching song. A song you would like to listen to alone in your room with your headphones on. The gentleness in Takeru's voice is something that has not been heard before, and it makes shivers go down your spine. This is a song to listen to when you are feeling broken and alone. Please prepare a box of tissues before starting to listen to this if you are in a weak state of mind.

The last but not least is "rise and fall". We recommend listening to this song alone in a dark room with earphones on. The amount of feelings in this song is just unbelievable. This is a song that can not be described in words - you just have to listen to it by yourself.

If you are wondering whether to get it or not - what are you waiting for! This is a release you will not regret getting. If something, you will regret the fact that you didn't get it! This is a must have for all fans - or should we say for everyone!

SuG Takeru 1st Solo Album
Uwakimono "I kyou U"
Release date: 2013/11/20

Complete Limited Edition (CD+Blu-ray+Original T-shirt+Special Booklet)
Sold in Special Box with fabulous contents!!
- Original T-shirt designed by Takeru
- Blu-ray (Music Video "I kyou U" (Original Ver.), Music Video "I kyou U" (Another Ver.), Making of -video)
- Original Booklet
- Uwakimono Live Application Ticket

Normal Edition (CD Only)
[Tracklist] *The songs included to the Complete Limited Edition will be the same
M1.I 狂 U / I kyou U
M2.忘却の空 / Boukyaku no sora (SADS Cover)
M3.undermine (Song by ゆよゆっぺ)
M4.愛の妙理 / Ai no myori (Song by 0.8秒と衝撃。)
M5.96 (Song by たむらぱん)
M6.rise and fall

Uwakimono Official Website