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Home > Pick up+ > CD review: BORN - "SATSIFACTION?"


BORN / review

This time we would like to recommend BORNs' new single „SATISFACTION?" to you!
It will be released on November 20th but we already had the chance to listen to the songs beforehand and as we were already able to watch the PV, we would like to introduce it to you a bit - of course we don't want to spoiler you so this recommendation will not be too long!

We decided on listening to the CD&DVD Version coming with two songs and the PV of the main track - as there are three different versions make sure to choose wisely when you buy it! Of course the best would be to get all of them ..right?
Anyways, let us begin!

The first song is titled "SATISFACTION?" and according to customs we are welcomed by hard drums, and fast guitar riffs from the very beginning, accompanied by the strong and loud growls of their vocalist who, though he has an awesome singing voice, seems to love to scream to your faces out of the player. But of course it doesn't lack melody and chants as well - as usual for BORN they combine hard rock and metal sounds with a beautiful voice - creating a masterpiece for everyone who is in a aggressive-melancholy mood - we thought - until we saw the Video-clip! We have to admit that when reading "SATISFACTION" we didn't quite think about THIS kind of satisfaction - thus it could have been pretty obvious when looking at Ryogas' current outfit -
We don't want to spoiler you too much but let us say as much as this: this clip is sexy, erotic and somehow provocative - two girls - roses - do we really have to say more? This clip can't be described in words anyway so we have to ask you to wait a little bit longer to see what it is about! Oh but of course this is not about the girls' sexy sides but you can also see quite a lot sexiness of your favorite member for sure - though they are wearing much more clothes than the girls do...

Their song number two is titled "FEMDOM" and follows the lead of "SATISFACTION?" with the hard sounds but this time you will rather listen to Ryogas' singing and speaking voice than to his screams - thus some growls can't be missed in this song as well of course.
Thus it is pretty similar to their first song there are parts being utterly different from their main song which gives this song the potential to become a main song of another single actually - though they decided to put it on the CD as number two it could have been a number one in our opinion as well - with the speaking voice and the strong thus husky voice this song is elusively sexy in its' own way and a must have heard for every fan of BORNs' music!

Last but not least you can find the video clip of -&- ! The song is one of BORNs' most beautiful slower melodies and the clip shows the band members on their ways through Tokyo and while being on stage together as BORN - this song contrasts with the other two songs and that's why it is the perfect ending of this awesome single!

Please make sure to get the single as soon as it is released! It is a MUST HAVE for every fan!!!


Release Date: November 20th
Price: 2.625 Yen
Nr.: PSIM 30039

CD&DVD Version:

2.-&- Music-clip