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Uwakimono PV Released at 12:00 JST Today!

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Uwakimono PV Released at 12:00 JST Today!

Takeru / SuG

The first PV of Uwakimono, a solo project by SuG's vocalist Takeru will be released on YouTube on 2013/11/02 at 12:00 JST.

"MV of I 狂 U is inspired by NY RA-MEN restaurant location lol.There is a lot of JPN culture. It's huge creation. It's my own style", Takeru describes the music video with his own words in English at his official Twitter.

The music video has been shot in different parts of Tokyo, and according to him it will have a great impact on the world. With his imagination combined with many people collaborating with him, this video is sure to become something very awesome.

"Shake and wait for it!", he commanded on his Twitter. To a fan asking from when should we start shaking, he answered, "Now!"
So everyone, let's keep shaking until 12:00 Japanese time, because something great is going to hit the internet!

Takeru has also released a 15-minute interview fully in English, with all song previews and explanations of the songs!
Check it out below!!

SuG Official YouTube Channel
Uwakimono Official Website
SuG Official Website