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MUCCs new members already left the band!

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MUCCs new members already left the band!


As you probably know two new members joined MUCC just recently!
By becoming a six member band they wanted to break the mold and develop further.
Even more surprising news came up today though.

The two new members, DEAN and Honchou have already left the band.
It seems like DEAN didn't tell his parents about joining MUCC and by the time they saw him in a television program appearing with the rest of MUCC, they became angry. As a matter of fact he decided (or was maybe forced to) on leaving the band right after talking to his parents.

Honchou didn't give any reason for leaving but it seems like she stated that she made her dream to become a member of MUCC come true but now would like to go back to being a fan and supporting them in that way.

Actually we are really surprised about this development...let's see what MUCC are up to next!

Text: YaYa

MUCC official