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Stylish wave has a winter event tour and countdown event decided!

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Stylish wave has a winter event tour and countdown event decided!

event / velbet / HERO / DIAURA / GOTCHAROCKA / Jupiter / Moran / Lycaon / BORN / DIV

On August 25th the opening of "stylish wave CIRCUIT '13 Winter Shogun" and also "stylish wave COUNTDOWN '13-'14" had been revealed.

From December 26th there will begin "stylish wave CIRCUIT '13 Winter Shogun" which will encompass 4 cities on an event tour. The first day's performance at Shibuya REX, "stylish wave CIRCUIT '13 Winter Shogun - Countdown Previous Night's Festival" is just as the title says, seems will lead into the next day's "stylish wave COUNTDOWN '13-'14". This time too there will be many artists bringing the excitement. Each performance's details can be checked below.

"stylish wave CIRCUIT '13 Winter Shogun"
December 26th (Thurs): Sendai darwin
Performers: HERO/ Royz/ Jupiter/ MoNoLith/ Crazy★shampoo/Memento Mori/Kodomo Dragon

December 28th (Sat): Osaka MUSE
Performers: Royz/Jupiter/FEST VAINQUEUR/BFN/Memento Mori/ grieva/Kodomo Dragon

December 29th (Sun): Nagoya ELL
Performers: Royz/Jupiter/FEST VAINQUEUR/Lycaon/Crazy★shampoo/Memento Mori/Kodomo Dragon

December 30th (Mon): Shibuya REX
Performers: Velvet/SCAPEGOAT/Glam Grammar/Memento Mori/ grieva/ RoNo☆Cro/ Scarlet/ Blitz/ ★NO House (*Oct 4th an additional band will be announced)

Tickets: Presale 3500 yen, same day 4000 yen (consumption tax included)
*December 30th Shibuya REX only: Presale 4000 yen, same day 4500 yen (consumption tax included)
All standing / Entry by order number/ Drink fee separate

"stylish wave COUNTDOWN '13-'14"
December 31st, 2013 La Foret Museum Roppongi
Open: 2:30 pm Start: 3:30 pm End: 1:00 am
Performers: Royz/DIAURA/Jupiter/Unite/ Moran/GOTCHAROCKA/BORN/Lycaon/DIV/Black Gene for the Next Scene/ FEST VAINQUEUR/MoNoLith/ Jin-Machine/Crazy★shampoo/Kodomo Dragon
Tickets: Presale 6000 yen, same day 6500 yen (tax included)
* At this performance it will go into late night so those who are under 18 must have their guardian with them or their guardian's written permission.
*All standing/ Entry by order number

Text: six-three JP