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[concert] YOSHIKI'S Wedding Dress Returns

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[concert] YOSHIKI'S Wedding Dress Returns


Longtime X JAPAN fans (or recent converts who read a lot!) will remember bygone days when YOSHIKI appeared on stage wearing a fluffy white wedding dress, complete with veil. It seems those days are back, at least in Taiwan!!

May 30th X JAPAN finally struck the next point on their strategic plan for world domination-- Taiwan! The show was originally scheduled for last September but was canceled due to YOSHIKI's poor health. X JAPAN seems to be back on track 1000%, no doubt energized for their world takeover by the massive success they achieved with their two shows at Tokyo Dome just last month.

Over 20,000 people attended the show in Taipei, which was called the 'Hontou ni Yaru Yo' (The night we really do it). The staff included some 200 people who came from Japan alongside 3,000 local Taiwanese staffers. There were 300 security guards and 300 policemen on standby stationed around the venue. The total cost of the show was more than 350,000,000 JPY.

The show included a huge display of fireworks, over 1,000 individual pieces, that rivaled those used at the Beijing Olympics just last year.