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VALSHE's first Anime-Tie-Up Single!

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VALSHE's first Anime-Tie-Up Single!

release / VALSHE

In earlier works such as "4 FELIDS" she presented her own world to all of her fans - now she is back with a anime-tie-up single and instantly got on the 9th place of the Daily Oricon Charts! And thanks to her great digital rock Songs, she is really popular right now - we are talking about VALSHE!

Her fifth single "BLESSING CARD" has been choosen as 探検ドリランド -1000年の真宝-」(tanken dorirando - 1000 nen no maho)ending song and even though VALSHE was pretty popular among anime-kei fans before already, this is her first anime-tie-up single ever!
This collaboration will not only impress VALSHE fans but all other people - mainly fans of anime of course- for sure!

「In the end...in the end I really got to make an anime-tie up!
This is the first time for me to do something like this and I really achieved on of my big goals!!
I really was able to achieve one of my big goals!
This year everything i worked for so long, got together to become one and the moments when i could feel that it would become something bigger, grew more and more!

Bevore I had this feeling....
I am very happy that I can announce these big news to all the people who are constantly supporting me!
                            (VALSHE BLOG)

"BLESSING CARD" is only the beginning! A song that enables the fans to listen to this digital rock music, VALSHE is so popular for, over again and again!

Anyways, the single will be released on August 21st and when you decide on buying the limited edition, you will not only get the music-clip of BLESSING CARD, but you will also get the TV Spot! Also fans will be able to see a movie - the theme of the movie is the question "What if VALSHE was a character from a fairytale?"!

The development of this play can't be foreseen and as it will last more than 30 minutes, there is so much to see!

By getting the first press edition you will get a second original jacket as well! It was designed for the 「探検ドリランド-1000年の真宝-」 anime exclusively and hence is a must have for all the anime fans!! Also looking at the limited version, VALSHE will play two roles in a radio talk program!

By the way, in spring 2013 they opened her official fanclub and VALSHE has already announced a fan-club only event for the end of this year!
She is really unstoppable, working further in all kinds of entertainment and with her energy she will have no problems with achieving all of her goals sooner or later for sure!


【Release Date 】
August 21st 2013

【Song Liste】

01.BLESSING CARD (Text:VALSHE Composition:minato Editing:藤真也)
02.Mr.Diorama (Text:VALSHE Composition:minato Editing:G'n-)
03.Responsive (Text:+Composition: minato Editing:丸山真由子)
04.BLESSING CARD -Instrumental-
05.Mr.Diorama -Instrumental-
06.Responsive -Instrumental-

【 Limited Edition/ CD + DVD 】

JBCZ-4004 ¥1,700(税込)


03. VALSHE迷作劇場

【 Regular Edition / 2CD 】

JBCZ-4005 ¥1,500(税込)

If you get the first press edition of the regular edition, you will get a special jacket as well!


01. VALSHE RADIO ~カード多すぎて財布閉まらない編~(前編)
02. ゆずれない願い (yuruzenai negai)
03. VALSHE RADIO ~カード多すぎて財布閉まらない編~(後編)

【Musing盤/ CD】

JBCF-1002 ¥2,000(税込)