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BORN's PV "Spiral Lie" Causes Controversy in International Media

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BORN's PV "Spiral Lie" Causes Controversy in International Media


This is rather weird news but you might have already heard of it.
If you read news articles not only in Japanese but also in English or German on different websites, you might have noticed that visual kei band BORN seems to be in involved in some controversy right now.

Some reporters from different international medias released various articles regarding the new trend of "eyeball licking", that got pretty famous recently.

If you ask yourself what the band BORN has to do with all of this - watch their PV "Spiral Lie".
In this PV the band performs the same act, which is why a lot of reporters stated that the band's PV might be the origin of the trend. This trend is not only weird but also dangerous as doctors stated.

BORN's vocalist stated on his official blog, that he found the accusation rather funny, as he thought that this trend has already existed before.[Actually you could see hide ( X JAPAN) doing the same in his movie!]
He also asks more or less in a jokingly way if they would not do handshake-events anymore but rather eyeball-licking events in the near future.

As you can see BORN themselves don't really care too much or better said, they don't think that they are the origin of this trend but are rather sure, that this is a pretty old sexual fetish some people seem to like.

Well the only thing we can say is probably that BORN are not the first band doing such things and might not be the last one to do that.
If people feel like doing the same thing a band does in the video clip, you might say that it's not the bands fault anyways. It's a pretty controversial matter which is why we would like to know your opinion!