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Jupiter to release first album!

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Jupiter to release first album!

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Soon visual kei band Jupiter will release their first single "Blessing of the future" but they have already announced the release of their first Album as well!
It will be titled "CLASSICAL ELEMENT" and will be released on August 28th.

There will be three different versions this time. Two deluxe editions, including a CD with 12 songs and a DVD. The regular Edition comes with 12 songs and costs 2.800 Yen. Also if you buy the regular edition, you will receive a special guitar/bass pick of one of the members as well!

We are already looking forward not only to their first album but to their first single as well!

Release Date: 2013/8/28
[Limited Edition A] UICN-9014 / 3,800 YEN (tax in)
[Limited Edition B] UICN-9015 / 3,800 YEN (tax in)
[First Press Standard Edition] UICN-9016 / 2,980 YEN (tax in)