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Fashion Magazine "MOSH" with Artists as Models Debuts!

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Fashion Magazine "MOSH" with Artists as Models Debuts!

LOST ASH / D.I.D. / velbet / AND / Moran / DIV / UNiTE / Kameleo / DaizyStripper / HERO / ν[NEU] / Kra / D=OUT / SCREW / vistlip / ViViD / A9

Fashion magazine full of impact - "MOSH". All of the models are famous artists. With ex-JURY BLACK's designer 【J】 as head editor and producer, a NEW STYLE fashion magazine connecting FASHION and MUSIC has been born.

Famous band members have been casted for models. The number of the models goes up to 100 persons. Alice Nine's Shou and ViViD's Shin, 2 big vocalists are decorating the front cover.

The fashion contests are made of various fashion projects labeled as TOKYO ROCK STYLE. You can see a different side of the famous artists as models.

There will be 1 week coordinates of privatel clothes of the famous artists, private clothes snaps etc, lots of projects connected to the private clothing of the artists you can rarely see.

For the first number, both sides work as covers, and in the back cover there is vistlip! Also, in the magazine there is a vistlip x ViViD all 10 members collaboration fashion gravia!

Also, there will be a big announcement considering this glamorous collaboration for this summer. Please look forward to it!

『MOSH』 Vol.01
Released on 2013/05/31
A4 size 128 pages / 880yen / Printing: leed Co.
Cover: Alice Nine Shou&ViViD Shin / Back Cover: vistlip
Artists appearing: Alice Nine / ViViD / vistlip / SCREW / D=OUT / Kra / ν[NEU] / HERO / DaizyStripper / Kameleo / Yumenaito / DIV / Royz / Moran / WING WORKS / And / Velvet / LANDZ / D.I.D. / LOST ASH etc

You can purchase the magazine here