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[anime] Is DAIGO Jealous of Detective Konan?!

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[anime] Is DAIGO Jealous of Detective Konan?!


Singer DAIGO (31) of BREAKERZ recently appeared in a bookstore to endorse his new DVD, "DAIGO TV". There are rumours that he plans to announce his marriage at BREAKERZ's July show at Nippon Budoukan, but DAIGO has been quoted in gossip magazines as denying the rumour, saying, "No way!"

He's already denied the rumours in his bog, too. "I was surprised to read about it, too. I'd like to know who my bride is supposed to be. I even got 'congratulations' e-mails from my bandmates," he laughed.

Recently, DAIGO has been unable to fight feelings of jealousy toward popular anime character Detective Konan, The Raven Chaser. "He can move so quick, and I'm so slow. "He's got great sense, he's a cute kid; he can teach us a lot."