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[Breaking News] A set list of DAY 1 and the newest official data

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[Breaking News] A set list of DAY 1 and the newest official data


On May 2nd, X JAPAN finally held "~無敵な夜~ / Muteki na Yoru", the first concert of their world tour, "X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in TOKYO ~攻撃続行中 / Kougeki Zokkou Chuu~".

(For your information, "Muteki na Yoru" means the night of invincibility and "Kougeki Zokkou Chuu" means ongoing attack!)

It was the first time in a year that they held their concert at Tokyo Dome. Although everybody (even the members!) was afraid that they weren't allowed to use this hall due to their two hours late when they reunioned last year, they could be back here.

X JAPAN finished their first day and here is a set list and the newest official information that they announced today as a press release!

X JAPAN WORLD TOUR Live in TOKYO ~Kogeki Zokkou Chuu~ May 3rd ~Muteki na Yo~ at Tokyo Dome

Set List

M1: Rusty Nail
M3: Jade (They finally played their new song!!)
M5: Rose of Pain
SE: Piano Solo
M6: Tears
M8: Kurenai
EN1: Fashion Show (by VIOLET UK)
Drum solo
EN4: X
HIDE Video
SE: Say Anything

Concert Data
Attendance: 110,000 people
*They have attracted a total of 2,750,000 including last night
Staff: 8000 people
Security guards: 6000 people
Policemen and firefighters: 20 people on standby
Production cost: 3,000,000,000 yen
Equipment vans: 11 trucks x 120 trailers x 25
Stage size: width 100 m x depth 25 m x height 2m 40cm
Screen size: main screen 1,000 inch, sub 500 inch x 2, upper 400 inch x1 / 600 inch x 3 / 300 inch x 2, left & right 600 inch x 2 / 300 x 2
LED vision units: over 3000 ( transported by air from Korea)
*The largest in Asian concert history!
Lights: 10000
Length of catwalk (Hanamichi): center 50 m, left & right 70 m
Length merchandise line: 3 km

They also announced their new best-of album release, including the new song, and another concert will be held at Taipei, Pan-Chiao Stadium on May 30th.

musicJAPANplus was fortunate to have the chance to cover these two days concerts, and will release our full reports with a lot of photos soon! Don't miss out!!

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*The keyword needed to win *an X JAPAN Keychain Penlight* is the answer to the following question:

"What new X JAPAN song was performed for the first time May 2nd, 2009?"

You can find the answer in this article!
Type it in the "message" box on the contests+ entry form when you register to win. Good luck!

Note: This contest will start on May 11th, 2009, and the deadline is May 17th

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