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[MJ+] The NYAPPY Report o(≧∀≦)o

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[MJ+] The NYAPPY Report o(≧∀≦)o

AN CAFE / musicJAPANplus

musicJAPANplus NYAPPY!

We have got AN CAFE coming out our ears! Have you been keeping up with our AN CAFE Special Spotlight Space?

Here's what's new:

MY KawayusuRock o(≧∀≦)o EXPERIENCE week one UP!
Submit your KawayusuRock EXPERIENCE and enter to win a response directly from AN CAFE! Maybe week one's entries will inspire you? Click and see!

AN CAFE's Pre-tour Interview!
They were kind enough to sit down with musicJAPANplus and discuss their imminent departure from Japan.

Our own world team member Itamiko attended AN CAFE's show in Cologne, Germany, and her report is now... UP! Check it out right now, she wrote a great concert report. Thanks Itamiko!

AN CAFE World Tour: Fashion Check PARIS!
World Team France member Carole did a fantastic Fashion Check at AN CAFE's world tour show in Paris. It's up right now! Please go take a look, and prepared to be wowed by Carole's fantastic work! Thanks Carole!!

Seasonal Survey of the Stars: AN CAFE!
AN CAFE took our SSS twice, answering questions about Valentine's Day and graduation. Have you read them yet?

That's all for AN CAFE... for now! The NYAPPY continues with updated NYAPPY Around the World concert reports and fashion checks, don't miss them! Look for more MY KawayusuRock o(≧∀≦)o EXPERIENCE updates every Thursday, and be sure to enter and share your own EXPERIENCEs!

Do you know any Cafekko who should receive this vital information? Please fill them in!