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review / WING WORKS

WING WORKS is the solo work of RYO:SUKE, ex-leader and bassist of the Visual-kei band "少女-ロリヰタ-23区 / Lolita-23q" which has been under indefinite hiatus since June 2012. His first release was the full-album titled "STAR GAZER MEMORY", which has RYO:SUKE as the vocalist and main composer. The announcement of this project was made just after Lolita-23q's hiatus began, so the fans were apprehensive and didn't know what to expect from this release.
The opening "-W•W-" transports us into the album's universe, giving an idea of what is to come - electronic beats and synthesizer sounds develop steadily up until the next song's intro.

"シルヴァー / Silver" adds more instruments to fast electronic beats that mix with screaming voices, creating a catchy atmosphere, fully developed in the chorus that will surely get stuck in your head. At one point a sudden transition happens, giving the impression of a totally different track with RYO:SUKE's rap mixed into a few more screams and more electronic background tunes.

The unexpected "Mr.FANTASIX" is a complete electronic track, with an atmosphere much like that of a night club. Here we have RYO:SUKE voice completely modified by effects such as auto-tunes, which are very common in this music style. The song turns out to be very danceable and contains many parts in English.
With the fourth track, "メギド / Megido" one might fine resemblance to the later releases of Lolita-23q. Despite the electronic sounds, the highlights have to be the guitar sounds and to RYO:SUKE's screams, which together build a heavy and distinct melody. Even though RYO:SUKE maintains the effects on his voice, in certain parts, he challenges himself by executing higher notes, which totally match the song's atmosphere.

The best way to describe "ムービングライトキス / Moving Light Kiss" would be as a 'romantic electro ballad', fitting perfectly with the album because of the synthesizer composition and voice effects. This tune has a sweet and catchy chorus, which might even get you dancing before you realize it.
The following "Mad Square Garden" is another surprise on this CD, with a structure that became popular in 90s western rock. The emphasis here is on the drums leading the song. At times some words are spoken while other words are sung, setting a 'psychedelic' feeling. In the chorus there's an addition of female voices, which are also used in the denouement of the song.

"孵化スル翼 / Fukasuru tsubasa" keeps the "rock" feeling of the album, as a beautiful and typical Visual-kei tune. The chorus is both catchy and exciting. There's a guitar solo, followed by RYO:SUKE's voice and piano tunes. Electronic beats bring us back to the chorus, and the track ends mixing instruments with synthesizers again.

RYO:SUKE singing "Terra." allows us to listen to his natural voice clearly. The guitars and keyboards work together in a nostalgic melody, which completely transmits the lyrics' meaning and will automatically make you remember and miss good moments fondly. Fast drum beats lead to a pretty guitar solo.

Breaking the peaceful feeling of the last two tracks, "無尽天空デストルド / Mujitenkuu Destrudo" comes by aggressively and heavy, with screams and also a different voice from what the vocalist presented so far. This song seems to be the climax of this work, and it is also one of the most fun songs to listen to at live performances, with the guitars, drums and bass making it violent from the beginning to the end.

Finishing the album, the title track "STAR GAZER MEMORY" seems to be the digest of all the elements that were part of it. The loud guitars, led by the bass, the drums and electronic beats in addition to the synthesizer sounds make a perfect ending theme, which brings us a positive message and also leaves us curious about what we should await for the next releases.

Overall, this album seems to be divided between electronic music and rock, with sudden transitions that surprises the listener and make it difficult to answer the question'What's WING WORKS?'.

WING WORKS' first single, which is still untitled, will be released in June 2013, whereas his second ONE MAN live on August 16, titled "SORRY, THIS IS 'MACHINATION'" will happen at SHIBUYA O-WEST.
Don't stop following RYO:SUKE's steps. This talented musician will certainly leave his mark in the Japanese music industry.

You can also watch "シルヴァー / Silver" promotional video which's available on WING WORKS official YouTube channel.

Release Date: 2013/01/16
Price: 2,490 Yen (tax in)

Written by: Ritsu from Brazil

Note: This review reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the editor

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