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[Review] MEJIBRAY Single "「アヴァロン」 / [Avalon]"

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Home > Pick up+ > [Review] MEJIBRAY Single "「アヴァロン」 / [Avalon]"

[Review] MEJIBRAY Single "「アヴァロン」 / [Avalon]"

MEJIBRAY / review / release

MEJIBRAY is a relatively new band, as they officially started their activities in 2011 in June and since then have been growing steadily.
The band recently announced two months of consecutive singles releases, and the first to be released was "「アヴァロン」 / [Avalon]"(Release Date: 2013/01/02).

The single starts with the title track and as an unexpected release for MEJIBRAY, the song can be described as "catchy".
Tsuzuku lyrics have a very personal appeal and are not always easy to understand, even if they are always connected and share the same universe, the messages of the songs are hidden between his poetry.
Despite the beautiful melody that is underlined by soft piano tunes, Tsuzuku manages to flawlessly include screams here and there, masterfully arranged with MiA's powerful guitar solo. The song ends with spoken works, as if he was telling a story.

The following song, "呼吸 / Kokyuu" also starts with piano and a "ballad"kind of feeling, but it changes during the chorus when Tsuzuku express his despair of missing a beloved person by shouting aggressively. Surprisingly there is no guitar solo this time. However MiA's guitar and Koichi's bass create a beautuifully dramatic tune together with the piano. Personally, the song reminded me of their previously released song "これを依存と呼ぶなら / Kore wo Izon to Yobu nara", which was included in their first-mini album "Slivers.exe", and Tsuzuku also indicated that they might have some kind of connection.

Last but not least is "D.E INCUBUS", which is completely different from the previous two songs and it can be said that this would be a "typical" MAJIBRAY song. meto's heavy drums beats lead the guitar and bass and a choir complements the arrangement. The choir is contrasted with the sexual moans of a women, which is directly related to the song title, as INCUBUS are said to be demons, which are said to have sex with women while they sleep draining their energy.
This song would be on the list of recommendations to best listen to them live.

As MEJIBRAY is still a young band, they're always trying to grow, showing all their capabilities and not just locking themselves in a limited world. The second part of their two months releases will be a single called "DIE KUSSE", which will definitely add new colors to their discography as well!.

Single "「アヴァロン」 / [Avalon]"
Release Date: 2013/01/02

[Limited Edition Type A]
Price: 2,100 Yen (tax in)

[Limited Edition Type AB]
Price: 1,890 Yen (tax in)

[Regular Edition]
Price: 1,575 Yen (tax in)

Written by: Ritsu from Brazil

Note: This review reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the editor

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