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[music] Kirito Loves NHK

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[music] Kirito Loves NHK


Angelo is releasing their long-awaited second album on April 22nd, and will play a show at Tokyo's NHK Hall on May 8th. Speaking of NHK, Kirito is a self-proclaimed huge fan of the broadcasting network.

NHK is a lot like America's Public Broadcasting Service, in that it runs mainly on payment from those who watch. PBS, however, raises funds with telethons and other forms of voluntary solicitation. NHK, on the other hand, operates under a law that states all televisions that are able to receive the channel, whether they do or not, must be subject to a license fee. Whether or not you're actually watching NHK, if you own a television you must pay for it. Many people object to this law, and since there is no real system set up to enforce it simply elect not to pay.

Kirito, on the other hand, promptly and eagerly makes sure his NHK license fees are paid in full. Rare is the person who doesn't dodge the NHK man come to his door to collect for 'services' rendered. Kudos to you!