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[music] Grandfather Hates His Hair??

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[music] Grandfather Hates His Hair??


DAIGO, now of BREAKERZ, recently attended a press event in Minato-ku, Tokyo to celebrate the release of a commercial touting "Men's Palty"'s new hair colour for men. DAIGO himself was in the commercial, playing a bartender, and was heard to say, "It turned out really stylish."

As the night went on, he also shared some personal memories about his own hair colouring. "I've tried several different colours myself; I went blond when I was 19 years old." Not surprisingly, the person who was the most shocked by this change was his grandfather, former Prime Minister Takeshita Noboru.

"It bothered him," explained DAIGO. "He'd take one look at me, go silent, then walk away."

How did a prime minister's grandson become a blond-haired band guy? Not just a band guy, but a former visual kei star who has appeared in such magazines as "Kera" and "Gothic & Lolita Bible" wearing Harajuku fashion and (gasp) make-up!

Did you know who DAIGO's famous grandfather was?