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YOSHIKI Apologizes; Says Tokyo Dome Is Still On

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YOSHIKI Apologizes; Says Tokyo Dome Is Still On


VIOLET UK, the other project YOSHIKI works on, is doing the theme song for the film GOEMON, and recently in Tokyo there was a media session regarding the film at which YOSHIKI himself was in attendance. Predictably, talk soon turned to X JAPAN's recent cancellation of performances in South Korea.

YOSHIKI, without batting an eyelash, responded immediately to questions concerning X JAPAN.

"I apologize to our fans for making them worry," he said. "And also to our Korean fans for the abrupt decision. However, our Tokyo Dome shows on May 2nd and 3rd are still on, and we will also play in Taiwan on May 30th."

He also said he'd been in contact with HEATH on the phone, and that currently things were 'sloppy' but he felt a resolution would be achieved. Many theorize that the cancellation of the Korean performances is due to a decision made by HEATH to withdraw from the band; there is currently no official source for such theories.

When asked again whether he had any definite plans for future appearances, YOSHIKI repeated what he'd said earlier. "I'll be at Tokyo Dome."