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"BEAT ROCK☆CLUB" Band Rocks Azabu Juuban

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"BEAT ROCK☆CLUB" Band Rocks Azabu Juuban


"BEAT ROCK☆CLUB" is a movie about a band, and the actors portraying the band members have actually united to form a band based on the movie. The fashionably visual band is called "LOVEDIVING", and they came together on March 14th (also known as White Day) to perform 3 songs at WAREHOUSE 702 in Tokyo's fashionable Azabu Juuban locale. The venue was filled with 500 people on two floors, all of whom watched the five-man group perform with adoration.

When the show was finished, the members all introduced themselves, spoke a bit about their opinion of the performance, then got to discussing "BEAT ROCK☆CLUB". Since all the members except SuG's Takeru are actors, they made a clear statement that, "[they] formed the band so that they didn't embarrass real musicians with their movie personae."

With their pleasant speech and fun jokes, the talk time passed by in the blink of an eye. It was without doubt a very successful promotional event for the film, which hit theaters March 4th.

LOVE DIVING's single "Shout it Loud", and their album "BEATROCK☆LOVE", are already in stores. Get yours now! Just visit their official website via the link below to preview all their songs, as well as see their music video, special member comment video, and a trailer for "BEAT ROCK☆CLUB".

LOVE DIVING Official Website