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Annual [Over the Edge] Finally Announced!

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Annual [Over the Edge] Finally Announced!

girugamesh / heidi. / MUCC / Sadie / Mix Speaker's,Inc. / DaizyStripper / UNiTE / event

Fans must have been waiting for this, as it turned out to be the later half of October, until this years event Over the Edge was finally announced for December 31st!

And the line-up is as awesome as it could be for a happening that has become a must for fans already. This year, there will be BugLug, DaizyStripper, DOG in the Parallel World Orchestra, girugamesh, heidi., JILS, lynch., MERRY, Mix Speaker's, Inc., Moran, MUCC, R-Shitei, Sadie, UNiTE and vistlip...which are the bands which have been announced only in the first round!!!

Hence there is more to come!

Please look forward to further announcements and check the ticket info below!

"Over The Edge '12 - '13"
Date: 2012/12/31 (Mon)
OPEN 14:00 / START 14:30 (End Scheduled for 3:00am Jan. 1st)
Venue: Shibuya Koukaidou
Tickets: 12,000 Yen (tax in, advanced sales, all seated)
※Minors are required to be accompanied by a guardian or a permission of the guardian for the event is scheduled late at night.

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