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Rose Noire Announce 3rd Mini-Album Release!

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Rose Noire Announce 3rd Mini-Album Release!

Rose Noire / event / release

Rose Noire is finally releasing the second part of their two-part Neo Renaissance series "Neo Renaissance -2nd movement-"! As a continuation to their previous mini-album "Neo Renaissance -1st movement-", the new record is promising another seven tracks with heavy classical sound, yet darker and with more aesthetic overtones!

While CDs will be available in stores on December 12th, international advance orders has been opened at the Darkest Labyrinth online shop already. However, if you can't wait to the end of the year, you can get a copy earlier as a pre-sale event will be held on November 10th at Ikebukuro CYBER. Physical records are limited to 1000 copies, so grab one while it lasts!

Rose Noire's 3rd mini album [Neo Renaissance -2nd movement-]
Release Date: 2012/12/12
Price: 2,100 Yen (tax in)

01. Prologue -Broken Silence-
02. Castle
03. Queen of the Night
04. Bones
05. Destiny
06. Spell
07. Hades

Rose Noire Record Release First Featured Event
"Salon de Noir"

Date: 2012/11/10 (Sat)
Venue: Ikebukuro CYBER
OPEN 15:30 / START 16:00
Tickets: Adv 3,000 Yen / Day 3,500 Yen

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