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[BORNだ、ぼぉ~ん(仮)] vol.10 Airing Announcement!

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[BORNだ、ぼぉ~ん(仮)] vol.10 Airing Announcement!

BORN / Kra / BORNだ、ぼぉ~ん(仮)_Info / MJP TV_Info

In September BORNだ、ぼぉ~ん(仮) will be on air on the 24th, three months before Christmas eve. And even though that has nothing to do with each other, Kra's vocalist Keiyuh, will be special guest on the program!

Apart from that, there's apparently a big announcement on the program as well.
So don't miss it!!!

-- "BORNだ、ぼぉ~ん(仮)" vol.10
Airing Time: 2012/09/24 START 21:00 JST
Airing Place: http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/fanclub/mjptv/

-- We are also looking for your "Worries" and "Insecurities" If you are not very cheerful recently, make sure to tell the BORN members and they will think of a way for your to "BORNだ、ぼぉ~ん(仮)"
Project Application Form: http://ow.ly/dSLdn

-- Twitter Hash-Tag
Please use the tag #BORNTV and tweet @musicJAPANplus

-- More MJP TV
MJP TV Official Site: http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/fanclub/mjptv/
MJP Twitter: https://twitter.com/musicJAPANplus

[Cheer-UP with Kra TV] vol.9 Airing Announcement!
[Project Application Form] We are also looking for your "Worries" and "Insecurities" If you are not
CHISATO (PENICILLIN) "Halloween Event Live" Special Program Announcement!