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[Review] "Acacia" blossoms with rice

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[Review] "Acacia" blossoms with rice

rice / review

This 12th maxi single by rice consisting of gentle ballads was released on June 6. This is actually a "piano single" as the main instrument is the piano, bringing the taste of classical music to the song, coupled with the voice of Yuki Sakurai -- in the very first track "あかしあ" (acacia). The cello is creating a sense of operetta additionally.

The second track "Limp" is strongly influenced by jazz and its rhythm, mostly through the sound of the guitar and drums played by Kazuhiro Murata.
The releases differ starting with the third track. In the limited edition there's " 朗読" (roudoku), which means "recitation" and, standing true to its title, it features a child's recitation layered with the sound of the piano. It does sound really interesting and the lyrics are very touching. One might wonder who this boy could be...

The fourth track "泪" (namida) is instrumental. It sounds a bit like a variation of "睡-nemuri-" (sui-nemuri-) from rice's last single "糸" (ito). However, in the regular edition of this single there's an acoustic version of the same song, "睡-nemuri-", which is the third track on the disk and very passionately performed at that! There is no doubt that it is rock music, even though it features a piano and an acoustic guitar.

I've come to think this track has become a little discovery to rice' members: music like this can be rock music too, and it can no doubt carry a lot of power.
I hope after listening to the single you'll love it as much as I do now!

Single "あかしあ / Acacia"
Release Date: 2012/06/06

[Regular Edition]
Price: 1,260 Yen (tax in)

[Regular Edition]
Price: 1,890 Yen (tax in)

Written by: Irchiel from Russia

Note: This review reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the editor

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