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Band Dons Uniforms For Graduation Song

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Band Dons Uniforms For Graduation Song


Daigo's new band has another new single coming out February 18th: "GRAND FINALE" will be a song about graduation, and the single's cover art shows the band in 'uniform' style outfits that are typical of many high schools here in Japan. Since all BREAKERZ' other singles broke into the Oricon top ten, it's fair to say this next one is worthy of high expectations.

Unfortunately for huge fans, you will have to choose between three possible versions of the single: A and B editions will each have different DVDs, and a regular edition will also be available. A type includes the music video for "GRAND FINALE", while B-type includes some live footage. The regular edition has the advantage of a karaoke track for the a-side song.

The band is also headed out on tour starting March 21st at Shibuya's C.C. Lemon Hall. The last show is on April 26th in Sendai.