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Aldious with new Vocalist Re:NO!

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Aldious with new Vocalist Re:NO!


Only in June the vocalist of the girl-metal-band Aldious, Rami, had decided to leave the band due to her worsening health condition.
This was certainly a huge shock for all fans, as Aldious had gained popularity in nearly no time with their unique style and sounds.

However, it has been announced just recently that there will be a new vocalist standing on stage with Aldious from now on! Her name is Re:NO and the other members stated that, since the first time they had listened to Re:NO's singing, they really wanted her to become part of the band for the simple reason that she would be able to sing Aldious' songs just the way they should be sung.

"When I listened to her voice for the very first time, it echoed in my heart and I thought 'I want her to sing the songs of Aldious' and 'I want to work with her on Aldious from now on' from the bottom of my heart", states Yoshi.

Of course all fans will still be missing Rami in this band, but obviously the girls are eager to go even further and therefore the fans really should give Re:NO a chance to grow with Aldious.

Stay tuned and check out Aldious official homepage for further comments of the members!

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