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New Single In March!

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New Single In March!

GazettE, the

Yesterday, being the Peace & Smile Carnival, was filled with announcements from the artists of PS Company. Who's next: why, it's everyone's favourite the GazettE!

musicJAPANplus is hard at work on another Fashion Check column for your reading pleasure, and took photographs of all kinds of fashionable individuals while they waited to be let into Nippon Budoukan at 3 PM. But it wasn't just taking photos, we asked our participants some questions about what brought them to the Peace & Smile Carnival, too. One of our questions is this: who is your favourite artist?

Can you guess the answer? If you said 'the GazettE', then you agree with the majority of our fashion check participants!

The GazettE announced at the show that they will be releasing a new single, "DISTRESS AND COMA", on March 25th. No details beyond the title and release date have yet been announced.

The band will perform a show in Makuhari, Chiba on March 10th, about 2 weeks before the single's release date. Tickets go on sale February 14th, and carry a price tag of 6300 JPY in advance, or 7000 JPY at the door. Will you be there?