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Session Bands & Cover Songs

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Session Bands & Cover Songs

MUCC / LM.C / Plastic Tree / MERRY

Over The Edge was a humongous countdown show hosted at Shibuya's C.C.Lemon Hall on 12/31, which featured a huge list of bands that included Mix Speaker's, Inc., LM.C, Merry, the Underneath, Mucc, D'espairsRay, Plastic Tree, Girugamesh, Sadie, the studs and more! The concert was a coveted destination for visual kei fans all over the country, so tickets sold out quite quickly. If you weren't able to go, here's a brief look at some of the special things you missed:

After Vidoll performed, the session bands began. First up was one composed entirely of members of Mix Speaker's, Inc. and Lolita23q, and together they covered AnCafe's "Smile Ga Ichiban Ii Onna".

Performances by Kain and the studs followed, then another session band made of D'espairsRay's HIZUMI, Mucc's YUKKE, the Underneath's MASATO, Merry's Yuu and Plastic Tree's Sasabuchi Hiroshi all got together and performed two BUCK-TICK cover songs: "Zangai" and "Ash-ra". What, no Tatsurou??

Next came LM.C and Mix Speaker's, Inc., then another session band composed of Mucc's Tatsurou, LM.C's Maya (playing a guitar for the first time in 5 years), kannivalism's Kei, Plastic Tree's Tadashi, and Merry's Nero all performed LUNA SEA's "Rosier" and The YELLOW MONKEY's "Jam".

Next came D'espairsRay and Mucc, and then it was time for Plastic Tree to take the stage; this year Plastic Tree had the honour of being on stage to usher in the new year when the clocks struck 12. A performance by Sadie followed, and then it was time for the grand finale: a final session band including Plastic Tree's Ryuutarou, LM.C's Aiji, the studs' aie, Merry's Tetsu and Girugamesh's Ryo. The group took the stage and performed a rousing rendition of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit", then brought the show to an end with some songs from the anime Evangelion.

The show lasted 12 hours in total. What a long day for concert goers, who no doubt barely used the chairs they had. How long do you think they slept the next day? (And how did they get home once the trains stopped...?)