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See The Calligraphy Of Your Favourite PSC Artists

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See The Calligraphy Of Your Favourite PSC Artists

A9 / Kra / MIYAVI / SuG / GazettE, the / SCREW / Kagrra,

As part of our PS Company collaboration event, we will soon be posting a special column in which the artists of PS Company demonstrate their calligraphy skills for everyone. Thirty men, all your favourites from PSC, were kind enough to take the time to write for us, and guess what? Their writing will be up for you to win in our weekly drawings!!

Wouldn't you like to win the beautiful, handwritten kakizome of MIYAVI, or the members of Kra, the GazettE, alicenine.? How about Kagrra,, SuG or SCREW? Any one of them could be yours, all you have to do is enter your name!

But... that's still in the future. For now, so is the calligraphy column, but please be patient! It won't be long before the column is posted, and then you can check out the handwriting of all your favourite artists and decide which ones you'd like to enter to win. And, of course, enjoy the beautiful(?) writing and clever answers to our questions.

Whose writing do you think will be the best? Kagrra,'s music and image have always been filled with a sense of traditional Japan; will their writing be, too? Could any of the thirty have bad handwriting?

There's only one way to find out! Watch this space and our news+ for notification of the column's first update!

In the meantime, you can check out some press notes from our original meetings with some of the bands to take their writing:
Episode 73: Which member of SCREW is a calligraphy master?
Episode 74: Warning: reading this may make you SuG's prisoner!
Episode 75: Behind The Scenes With Kra
Episode 76: Who is the most popular member of alicenine.?