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Watch Their Countdown Show Online!

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Watch Their Countdown Show Online!


Any X fan knows that X JAPAN will be playing at the small Akasaka BLITZ livehouse on 12/31. What many of those X fans do not know, however, is how on earth they will be able to get tickets; the venue holds a mere 1500 people, so tickets are sure to be sold out in a blink.

Thankfully, it seems that fans will be able to watch some of the footage online or in a movie theater! For more details on the online showing, you'll have to check the website DMM.com, which will be displaying the footage, but it seems that it will cost 3150 JPY to watch. Movie theaters all over Japan will be showing the concert as well, and tickets are 3000 JPY.

Now that there are options other than scrambling to get a ticket (or paying ten times the face value on an auction site), do you think you'll make it to see the legendary X play a tiny livehouse?