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X JAPAN COUNTDOWN GIG ~Going Back to Basics~

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X JAPAN COUNTDOWN GIG ~Going Back to Basics~


On December 19th, X JAPAN revealed the details about their countdown concert 'X JAPAN COUNTDOWN GIG ~Shoshin ni Kaette (Going back to basics)~'.
Although they announced the news suddenly and at the unusual time of 12 midnight, thousands of people accessed the site to apply for tickets. Of course, the alloted tickets for a concert in Akasaka BLITZ were sold out immediately; and in order to answer the demand, X JAPAN released 100 additional seats in the venue which were originally meant to be the press section.
On December 21st, a raffle began through YOSHIKI's official mobile site 'X JAPAN STREET ARMY' for tickets to both the official concerts and special “CINEMA LIVE” shows that would broadcast the concert live throughout selected movie theaters in Japan the night of the show.
10,000 seats for the 'CINEMA LIVE' shows sold out immediately, and phones are still ringing off the hook with ticket requests through Play Guide, one of Japan's top sellers of tickets to events. This is, of course, very unusual for an event which takes place in a movie theater as opposed to a live venue.
Additionally, 100,000 tickets for a show in Hong Kong were also sold out within minutes, leading the group to consider an additional concert.