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She Wants A Normal Date

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She Wants A Normal Date


December 10th marked the release of BENI's new single "Mou Ni Do To", and she held a special event that day at Shibuya's 109 shopping center to celebrate the single's release. The event was attended largely by female high school students, who all exclaimed, "She's so cute!" as BENI took the stage.

After giving a performance on the steps of 109, she chatted with the audience and several models who were also present. She was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers by a producer, and then talk turned to love and heartbreak. Standing in front of all those present, BENI talked about hurt feelings. "What do you do to get over hurt feelings?" asked a fan, and BENI responded, "Well, I listen to sad songs, but I guess I don't know a really good way."

When asked about her plans for Christmas, she replied that she had none. "But I want to go on a real date," she admitted. Who's up to it?