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Amuro Namie to Release New Album via "PLAYBUTTON"

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Amuro Namie to Release New Album via "PLAYBUTTON"

Amuro Namie / release

It has just recently been revealed that Amuro Namie will be releasing her new album, of which the title is still unknown on June 27th. So far it is only known that the record will be available in a limited and a regular edition.

The record will also be released as a "PLAYBUTTON", a new media device that works as a music player with pre-recorded contents at the size of a tin badge. All you need is to connect you ear phones and carry is around with you. All functions such as on, off, skip, play and pause are include in the device which can be either 4.5cm in diameters or 4.0cm in diameters.

Amuro's album itself will include a total of 11 tracks and her songs "Love Story" and "Fight Together" will also be recorded on it, while the PLAYBUTTON version will be available at a price of 1,980 Yen.

The PLAYBUTTON version can be pre-ordered on Amuro's official site.

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