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Peace & Smile Carnival×musicJAPANplus Special Collaboration months!!

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Peace & Smile Carnival×musicJAPANplus Special Collaboration months!!

MIYAVI / Kagrra, / Kra / GazettE, the / A9 / SuG / SCREW

Peace & Smile Carnival×musicJAPANplus Special Collaboration months!!

PS COMPANY, one of the largest visual-kei agencies, has produced lots of charismatic artists, like 雅-miyavi, the GazettE, and more! They will hold a spectacular event on January 3rd, 2009 at Nippon Budokan, in which all the artists from PS COMPANY will appear and perform.
musicJAPANplus features this big event, attracting lots of attention from not only inside, but also outside of Japan.
From December to January, MJP (musicJAPANplus) will be busy with a special collaboration project with PSC (PS COMPANY), which that will be realized with full partnership from their agent.
The following line up will start December 1st! Don't miss out!!


Special corner will appear in articles+!!

・ PSC review collection
We will introduce reviews of the latest songs from all of the 7 artists!

・ Readers' participatory project, 'My Peace & Smile things' contest
"What makes you "peace & smile"? We'll ask for your submissions! The judges of the contests are the artists from PS COMPANY! Winners will receive comments from the artists. For more information, please check out the news+ in musicJAPANplus. We're going to announce it soon!

Interviews are coming in special features+!

You can check out our interviews with all of the 7 artists! Their latest release information, episodes from their tour, personal questions, and unique conversations associated with '10 years', in connection with PSC's 10th anniversary... you can't read those interviews anywhere but here, at musicJAPANplus on special features+!!

・ 雅-miyavi-1
Looking back on his world tour with 雅-miyavi- in a long interview!
・ 雅-miyavi-2
About music, love, etc... 雅-miyavi- talks about the 10 years he's walked as an artist!
・ Kagrra,
We depict their latest tour with a live report and interview!
・ Kra
A unique fan event will be revealed in the interview!
・ the GazettE
Live report from their fan club event, with lots of photos and a very precious interview about their new single, 'LEECH'!
・ alicenine.
Don't miss the funny & real cool talk about their new single, 'CROSS GAME'!
・ SuG
Behind the scenes of the making of their new single, 'UMBILICAL', & music video shooting!
Their approach to their new single, "Gather Roses", and the members' personalities!

Moreover, before the release of the articles, we will bring you episodes from the field in Press Notes, in the article+section! From their private clothes, to communication between members, to chatting outside the interview, let's share behind the scenes episodes between you and the writers!
We've already released the press notes for SCREW. Check it out!!

Super gorgeous! Contest+ special version!!

In the weekly drawing in contest+, gorgeous Peace&Smile merchandise is coming! Wanna get tickets for the event on January 3rd?! Or get merchandise from the event?! Don't miss contest+ starting in December!!


New Year's Day!! Something will happen to musicJAPANplus!! Autograph interviews are coming from the brush!!"

Let's share the moment of New Year's Day with artists from PS COMPANY and the KAKIZOME convention!! All the 30 people from the 7 artists of PSC joined this big project! They will use calligraphy to express their "ambition for the next 10 years" in Kanji! Of course, the autograph interview will appear in our weekly drawing. Get your favorite artists' interview!!

Full-out report of the event on January 3rd!!

We will make a quick report just after the event in news+! Surely, we will report the event in detail in special features+, with lots of pictures at a later date! Don't miss out on the fashion check of fans & artists from the event, and reports from back stage!!

It's not over yet! Don't forget the after-event interviews!!

We have already scheduled interviews with them after the event!! Not only impressions of the event, but you can also check the release or tour information for events after January!! You can't take your eyes off of the PSC×MJP project, with lots of splendid articles and presents!!

This is the whole picture of the super project!! A logo for the special collaboration will be attached to the associated articles of the PSC (PS COMPANY) and MJP (musicJAPANplus) collaboration project. If you see this logo, that's an article about PSC's 10th anniversary!

Check out all the articles from this project!!