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The GazettE to Perform at "Kishidan Bandpaku 2012"!!

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The GazettE to Perform at "Kishidan Bandpaku 2012"!!

GazettE, the / VAMPS / event

Since last year the GazettE have been taking a number of chances to perform at a number of big and famous festivals, like SUMMER SONIC and INAZUMA ROCK FES and another one is added this year!

It has just recently been announced that the GazettE will be playing at the "KISHIDAN BANPAKU 2012" along side KISHIDAN, UNICORN and once again VAMPS! ore artists for the event are going to be announced soon, but the line-up already seems like a must to join the crowd!

The event will be held on September 16th and 17th in Chiba and ticket pre-orders just started today, lasting till May 29th.

If you spend the summer in Japan, make sure to buy enough concert tickets!

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VAMPS and the GazettE to Perform at a-nation musicweek in August 2012!
RUKI Catering the GazettE's DVD Release to Friends and Kouhais